Welcome back to season 3 of Weekly Political Pep Talks! Today's main topic will be alcohol and the legal drinking age. We'll start the episode with some current events regarding the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

Next, we'll move on to our main topic segment about alcohol. We'll start with some definitions related to this topic, look at some background on the history of alcohol laws and prohibition in the US, talk about kids and alcohol these days, then share our thoughts.

That's it for today, so be sure to join us next week. Happy listening and stay political!

And we're back with more of WPPT season 3! Today we discuss the long-requested topic of pride month and the LGBTQ community on what happens to be our 1 year anniversary!

We'll begin with a reflection on what's happened in our lives over the past year both in our personal lives and in terms of the podcast, and then we'll get into our main topic. Moving forward, we're going to keep on providing you with quality content and possibly another interview soon, so stay tuned!

Happy listening and stay political!

Welcome back to season 3 of WPPT! Today, we'll start with a current events regarding the shocking overturn of the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade as well as the spread of monkeypox in the US.

Our main topic for this episode is different from anything we've done before, and encompasses all the facets of social media in today's society, including addiction, mental health, marketing, and political polarization. We've decided to call this whole topic "The Digital Dilemma", and feel free to share your own views on social media with us through Instagram @weeklypoliticalpeptalks.

Until next week, happy listening and stay political!

And season 3 of WPPT continues! We've been very sporadic with our episode uploads over the past months but we're happy to say that we are back for the summer! And we already have two episodes uploaded. We'll be taking a quick two week break while Vishal goes on vacation, but we'll be back soon as we approach our one-year anniversary of the podcast!

Pep Talk #19 discusses the regretful rise in mass shootings in places like Uvalde, Texas, and Pep Talk #20 discusses cancel culture with one of our best opinion sections yet! Our current events will span from the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial to a sports update and more!

Happy listening everyone and stay political!

Welcome to season 3 of WPPT! With more information, crisper audio, and more engaging topics than ever, this season is sure to be out best yet! Today, we'll start with a quick sports update, talk about the Ukraine-Russia crisis, and discuss the death of Lata Mangeshkar.

Our main topic will be about the shady practice of political insider stock trading. We'll get into its history, examples of it, and discuss our opinions on why it should (or should not) be illegalized for good.

Happy listening and stay political!

The Season 2 finale is here! To close off our milestone of 16 episodes , we'll start off by discussing the death of Teddy Balkind, talk about some movies we’ve seen recently, and the Supreme Court’s denial of President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

For our main topic, we'll discuss bias and racism in the US education system as well as some issues in our local school district. Be sure to tune in!

WPPT will return for Season 3 sometime around mid-February 2022. Now, for the last time in season 2, happy listening and stay political!

We're back for 2022! This week, we'll start off by getting into Ghislaine Maxwell's conviction, the shooting of a 14-year-old girl, and the death of John Madden.

Then, we'll discuss the history of student loans in the United States and the current issue of student loan debt, then share our thoughts.

Be sure to check out this banger of an episode. Until next time, happy listening and stay political!

Two episodes! Pep Talk #12 discusses the death penalty, its history, its affect on American society, and our opinions on whether or not it should be abolished.

In Pep Talk #13, we talk about the history of unemployment crises in the U.S. and our own plans on how to combat, and possibly even end, unemployment once and for all.

Along with some interesting current events, these two main topics are sure to make these episodes some of your favorites, so make sure to tune in.

Happy listening and stay political!

Weekly Political Pep Talk's new episode is out! In this episode, we'll discuss the history of minimum wage in the United States and some possible changes to our current minimum wage policy. Then, we'll get into what we humbly consider our BEST opinion section of the show!

Before all that, we'll talk about some current events, including the rise of Squid Game and Alec Baldwin's accidental killing of Halyna Hutchins.

Until next week, happy listening and stay political!

The 1st WPPT exclusive interview of Season 2 is here! In this episode, we sit down and talk with Stamford BOE Democratic candidate Versha Munshi-South. We'll discuss some major issues including: budget allocation, what's good for students, and how the pandemic has affected education. Make sure to tune in to this exciting interview! More to come

For our listeners in Stamford, don’t forget to vote on November 2nd, and check out Versha’s campaign at vershaforboe.org for more info about what she does.

Happy listening and stay political!

SEASON 2!!!! WPPT is back with the season 2 premiere, on the topic of the two-party system. With a brand new format that switches out headlines for current events, be prepared for the season of a lifetime. Season 2 will also include brand new exclusive interviews, more in-depth discussions, and potentially live coverage. Today's episode dives deep into how the US got stuck with a two-party system, why this system is harmful to our government, and what we can do to change it.

We'll also touch on the Facebook whistleblower, the history of Indigenous People's Day, brewing storms in the Midwest, and NYC Mayor DeBlasio's cancellation of the gifted and talented program

Stay tuned for next week's episode. Until then, happy listening and stay political!

The finale of WPPT Season 1 is finally here! These past 9 weeks have been such a journey, from the important issues we've discussed to the relevant quotes we've introduced to our exclusive interview in episode 6. In this episode, we discuss all facets of the topic of abortion, including Texas' new near-total ban on abortion. In our headlines, we'll talk about Hurricane Ida's effect on the country as well as the upcoming trial of Elizabeth Holmes.

WPPT will return for Season 2 in about 4 weeks, with new exclusive interviews and important content coverage, so stay tuned.

For the last time this season, happy listening and stay political!

WPPT's new episode is an absolute hit! Today's episode discusses schools and COVID-19 and the differing mask and vaccine policies going into the 2021-2022 school year. Additionally, we'll talk about the bombing at Kabul airport as well as the prospect of RFK's supposed killer going free on parole. It's a great episode that discusses a lot of important stuff, so take a listen!

WPPT's next episode, Pep Talk #8, will be the Season 1 finale, so look out for that episode! New exclusive interviews are also on the way.

Happy listening and stay political!

This episode of WPPT is like none before it! In the Simmons Special, we have the pleasure of interviewing CT State Representative Caroline Simmons, who is also a Democratic candidate in the race for mayor of Stamford, CT. We'll discuss Caroline's passion for politics, ask her about her thoughts on some major topics including the fall of Afghanistan, healthcare, and climate change, and finally have her share a message to young people who are passionate about politics. Be sure to take a listen!

Next week we'll have a brand new episode of WPPT for you all to enjoy, Episode 7! In the meantime, make sure to listen and share The Simmons Special.

Happy listening and stay political!

WPPT just dropped another banger! This episode is about gun control, and the controversies surrounding the companies that produce firearms. Also, we talk about local mask mandates being reimposed all over the country, along with the administration of COVID-19 booster shots to immunocompromised individuals.

As always, be on the look out for the next banger — Episode 6. Please share this platform to all your friends and family, we are trying to hit 3,000 plays by the end of this month!

Happy listening and stay political!

WPPT is back like we never left! This episode covers major controversies during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Additionally, we talk about the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, being asked to resign by President Joe Biden after an investigation found that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. We also discuss the temporary reinstatement of the eviction moratorium in the United States.

Be on the look out for Pep Talk #5, coming August 16. Share this episode with your friends and family, we are on all platforms!

Happy listening and stay political!

Just dropped our third episode! This episode covers monopolies and antitrust policies within the United States. Furthermore, we discuss the smoke from the Western wildfires reaching the East Coast, as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's recent visit to the White House.

WPPT will be taking a small hiatus, so no episode will be released next week. The next episode is scheduled to be released on Monday, August 9th. Share this podcast with your friends and family, we are on all platforms!

Happy listening and stay political!

We're back with our second episode! This episode covers marijuana, and its current and historical significance in the United States. Additionally we discuss the push for Stephen Breyer to step down and the $300 monthly payments to families with children.

Look out for our third episode, to be released next Monday! Share this with friends and family if you can and listen on all platforms.

Happy listening and stay political!

The first episode is finally out! The episode covers all topics associated with infrastructure in the United States. We'll discuss the Surfside condo collapse, Biden's infrastructure, and more!

Stay tuned for our second episode, to be released next week! Please spread the news about our podcast with your friends and family, and don't worry, we're on all platforms!

Happy listening and stay political!

Check out our podcast trailer on Spotify and other platforms! This quick introduction to our show gives a peek behind the curtain of how the podcast will be run.

Our first episode will be posted shortly and once a week from then on. Be sure to share this podcast with friends and family and follow or subscribe, whatever platform you're on. Enjoy!

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